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Paradise in Israel - Weingrod Abrahamson Landscape Architects
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Binyan and Diur Magazine Jan 2003
39pounds and 100 mill - the home of Jackie and Danny Kiram
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Jerusalem Post Real Estate Section Oct. 20, 2002
Cover and article "Creating a home between earth and sky"
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Binyan and Diur Magazine Sept 2000
Jerusalem Fantasy (Weingrod Home)
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Kaplansky Family Garden
Talbiah Jerusalem   View

Jerusalem Post Home + Garden Magazine July 26, 2002
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Weingrod Facade - Previous home and office
Bakka, Jerusalem   View

Namal Tel-Aviv 2003
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Herald Tribune - Residential Properties April 21, 2006
"A window in Israel"   Read the article

Between Garden and Home Outdoors 2008
Orly Robinzon Modan Publishing Pages 20, 21, 70, 156, 157

Ma'ariv "Signon" February 2, 2009
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Inside And Out: The Architecture of Aaron Weingrod
Director and Camera : Paula Weiman-Kelman
Editor: Hila Kotler
A wooden boardwalk welcomes us to a lake.
Mosaic pillars transform a neighborhood.
A curved kitchen wall embraces a family.
Weingrod's work connects inside and out.
(12 min./ Eng. only)