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Aaron Weingrod and Michael Abrahamson lead a young, dynamic team committed to the integration of traditional architecture and landscape architecture. The office, located in Baaka, Jerusalem, has housed up to 7 architects and landscape architects at different times, depending on the scope of their projects.
Our philosophy and basic goal is to make the world of nature an integral part of the home. Whether we plan an elaborate residence on 5 acres, a new neighborhood, or a second-floor city apartment, the interior design emphasizes a continuum from the sofa or easy chair to the world outside by way of a well-placed garden, a fountain or a pergola. Thus the wonders of nature become an integral part of the built up environment. "Green Architecture" has always been in our vocabulary. Many homes are designed with grey water systems and water storage cisterns. South facing orientation and passive solar energy are used in designing all new projects. Every architectural project is viewed as a total entity within its environment. This need for restoring nature into everyday life is a major tenet of our philosophy.

Weingrod and Abrahamson have been involved in dramatic renovations of historic homes in Jerusalem, using the combined aesthetics of architectural planning, interior design and creative "Green" landscaping. Community projects we have developed involving local residents and children, have also reinforced neighborhood pride and care. The team approach to micro and macro design using sophisticated computer technology and communication via the Internet with overseas clients provides an immediate understanding of the planned design.
Projects begin with a visit to the site with the client to compose a "Wish List" which then becomes the guideline throughout the entire project. The understanding of the client's needs has always been our first and foremost priority.

Aaron Weingrod

Aaron Weingrod Michael Abrahamson

Michael Abrahamson

Date of birth: July 14, 1956
in Chicago, ILL., U.S.A.
Citizenship: American and Israeli
Family status: Married, 3 children
Israel Army Service - 1975-1978 Nachal Paratroops

1990 - 1992 M.A. Architecture, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, U.S.A.
1979 - 1984 B.A. Environmental Design, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
1973, graduated from Newton North High School, Newton, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

2005: Sri Lanka, playground design for Tsunami vcictims.
Joint, Israel.

2000 -Present : Aaron Weingrod - Michael Abrahamson Architects, Jerusalem, Israel.
Partnership with Michael Abrahamson 2-3 workers.

Principal architect/Landscape Architect on many private villas in and around Jerusalem, Caesarea, Beit Shemesh
Landscape Architect of Shmuel Ha'navi neighborhood, Jerusalem (7 parks, plaza and street furniture)
Moshav Bet Yanai: Promenade + Beach Park + Moshav entrance
Katamon Jerusalem Urban Renewal, Sanhedria, Jerusalem - 2 playgrounds
Amphitheater for the Ort School, Jerusalem, Ort Lod sports facilities,
Ort college Givat Ram Campus Sport facilities + parking + Guards room
Many interior renovations and private gardens throughout Israel

1994-1998 : In partnership with Ulrik Plesner Architects
Projects included: new Beit Shemesh neighborhood 4,500 units including new city center. New Matnas (community center) for Pisgat Ze'ev, Kibbutz Gadot Golf Hotel, Moshav Yesod Hama'ala tourist project,
Emek Hamelech (Kings Vally) Archeological Park for the 3000 years of Jerusalem (next to the Western Wall of the old city of Jerusalem), Project Architect for the Areas - Ofel, Bursakai Gate, Omayad palaces, Gai Ben Hinnom Valley

July 1987 - July 1990: Architect with Shlomo Aronson Architects Ltd, Jerusalem,. Worked as Architect / Landscape Architect on the following projects:
Beit Gubrin Caves, for the National Park Authority. Completed 1988.
Botanical Garden, South African section, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Completed 1988.
Botanical Garden, European Lake, Bridge and Entrance Plaza, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. American Independence Parkway, entrance area and mosaic wall, Judean Hills, Jerusalem. Wooden Pavilion and wind protection for patio restaurant at Haas Promenade, Jerusalem.
Public bathrooms (underground) at western end of Haas Promenade, Jerusalem.
Eddie's kiosk, south beach, Eilat. Completed 1988.

Other projects, same office:
Three wood and stone pavilions, Gabriel Sherover Promenade, Jerusalem. Completed 1989.
Gardeners/guards room, Gabriel Sherover Promenade, Jerusalem.
Northern Entrance, Gabriel Sherover Promenade 1989
Neighborhood park, adjacent to Neve-Zedek Theater, Tel-Aviv. 1989
Gazebo over the well, Neve-Zedek Theater, Tel-Aviv.
Gabriel Sherover Promenade in Jerusalem. Completed 1989. Neve-Zedek Theater Square in Tel-Aviv. Completed 1989. The spring at Liftah, an Arab village outside Jerusalem.
Osaka 90, Israel participant in EXPO of landscape architecture, Osaka, Japan

1987 - 1989: Freelance projects:
With Ulrik Plesner, architect, worked on Gabriel Sherover community center.
Landscape master plan of workers' housing units, Greek Colony, Jerusalem. Completed 1988.
Private home Additions, Jerusalem 1987-89

1986 - 1987: Landscape Architect with Coral World Bahamas Hotels. In charge of landscaping, project management, and work manager for 30 workers on a small island off Nassau, Bahamas. Project included on-site design of shark, turtle and sting-ray pools, entrance plaza and water-fall, layout of paths and buildings. Coordination and design of planting and drip irrigation systems throughout the island. Project completed February 1987.

Spring 1986: Architect with Shlomo Aronson Architects Ltd.
Worked on master landscape plan for the city of Eilat, Israel. Design included central park, sea boardwalk and other projects.

Binyan + Diur Magazine Sept. 2000 Jerusalem Fantasy (Weingrod Home)
Binyan + Diur Magazine Jan. 2003 39 pounds and 100 mill- (?) the home of Jackie and Danny Kiram
Jerusalem Post Home + Garden Magazine " Bringing the outside in" July 26, 2002
Jerusalem Post Real Estate Section Cover + article " Creating a home between earth and sky" Oct. 20, 2002

Inside And Out: The Architecture of Aaron Weingrod (Date ?)
Director and Camera: Paula Weiman-Kelman
Editor: Hila Kotler
A wooden boardwalk welcomes us to a lake. Mosaic pillars transform a neighborhood. A curved kitchen wall embraces a family.
Weingrod's work connects inside and out. (12 min./ English only)

Date of birth: July 7,1964
in Haifa, Israel
As child, lived in North America with family
Graphic designer wife + 3 children
Israel Army Service - 1982-1986, Air Force
Central and North America, work and travel - 1987-1988

1989-1994 B.A. Architecture & Environmental Design, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem
1982 Graduate of Electronics, Bosmat High School, Haifa (affiliated to the Technion, Haifa)

2000 - Present : Aaron Weingrod-Michael Abrahamson
Architects, Jerusalem, Israel
Partnership with Aaron Weingrod

Principal architect/Landscape Architect on private villas in and around Jerusalem, Caesarea, Har Adar, Beit Shemesh
Urban Renewal, Sanhedria, Jerusalem - 2 public playgrounds for Jerusalem Municipality
Ort School, Givat Ram Campus, Jerusalem - landscape and sports facilities
Many interior renovations.
Garden design for existing and new homes throughout Israel

1997-1999 : "Bet Hagath" Compound, Ein Karem - general plan for 3-acre site, including design for hostel, public buildings, entrance gate building and landscape design (partially constructed)
"Sisters of Zion" Convent, Ein Karem, Jerusalem - renovation of historic entrance gate
Building additions and renovations to various private homes in Jerusalem

1996-1997 : Architect with Guggenheim - Bloch Architects Ltd., Jerusalem
School for Holocaust Studies, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem - Architect on design team

1996 Neuland Architects Ltd., Tel Aviv
Architect for numerous prestigious residential projects

1995-1996 : Mike Turner Architects Ltd., Jerusalem
Wildberry Cosmetic Factory - Architect-in-charge
Emek Hamelech (Valley of the Kings) Archeological Park surrounding the Old City of Jerusalem, for the 3000-year anniversary of Jerusalem - Architect on design team